Back to class: new Chocovic courses at the Chocolate Academy Bcn


Classes begin at the Chocolate AcademyTM Bcn! After the summer holidays, the classrooms of the academy reopen with three new Chocovic courses led by our technical advisor Enric Monzonis.

Take advantage of the last quarter of the year to update your knowledge, debug your technique and expand your business vision discovering the latest trends.

Course "Nougats"

An indispensable course now that the Christmas campaign is approaching. In it you will learn how to elaborate from more traditional and commercial nougat, to the latest market trends by the hand of Enric Monzonis, a true expert in the world of nougat. Get ready to astonish this Christmas.


Course "Initiation to chocolate"

Do you want to get started in the exciting world of chocolate? This theoretical-practical course aimed at professionals and amateurs offers a journey through the history of cocoa, the origins and the transformation process, combined with a practical part where you will learn how to make cakes, chocolates, desserts, shakes, figures and chocolate decorations. Just what you are looking for.


Course "Great pastry classics revisited"

Sacher, Paris Brest, Opera cake ... The great best sellers of the pastry are the heroes of the last year Chocovic course. Enric Monzonis will teach us to update them to adapt to the new times without losing their essence and identity.