Our ambassadors

We have five fantastic ambassadors. A team of great professionals from the sector who are passionate about their work, about passing down their knowledge and about promoting artisan talent. Our ambassadors teach courses and give practical demonstrations on working with chocolate and Chocovic products, contributing huge doses of creativity and innovation. A real source of inspiration at your service.

Christian Escribà

Chocovic Chocolate Christian Escriba

"I'm a pastry chef just like my father, my grandfather and my great-grandfather before me. I don't just make cakes, I've learnt above all to create emotions."
Pastry chef Pastisseria Escribà, Barcelona

Sergi Vela

Chocovic Chocolate Sergi Vela

"Pastry making is, for me, the combination of various disciplines, alchemy, science and architecture in the way it's conceived. Passion, infinite love for a job well done, sacrifice and total dedication in the way you feel it."
Pastry chef and teacher at Escola Hosteleria i Turisme de Barcelona

Rafa Delgado

Chocovic Chocolate Rafa Delgado

"It makes me happy to recreate pleasant and inspiring emotions and feelings in the people who eat my desserts."
Pastry chef at Hermanos Torres, Barcelona


Lluís Costa

Chocovic Chocolate Lluis Costa

"To me, pastry making is a way of life. It means passion, love, sacrifice, effort, perseverance... It's a pleasure." Pastry chef in Vallflorida Xocolaters. Mejor Joven Artesano Alimentario Innovador (Best Young Innovative Alimentary Artisan) 2012, Santapau (Mejor Artesano Chocolatero Español / Best Spanish Chocolatier Artisan) and winner of the best artisan croissant 2015.

Raúl Bernal

Chocovic Chocolate Raul Bernal

"The best chocolatier is the one who makes chocolate everyday. The difference between you and the rest is what you make."
Winner of the Lluís Santpau award for Mejor Maestro Chocolatero (Best Chocolatier Master) 2011.