Raw almond and mandarin

Mandarin compote

  • 400 g mandarines
  • 120 g mineral water
  • 50 g trimoline

Wash mandarins thoroughly and take out their stem
Put in cold water and boil for 20 minutes
Strain the mandarins and discard the water
Repeat this process 4 more times
Once this process is finished, cut the mandarins into quarters and put in a pot with the mineral water and the trimoline
Boil until completely reduced
Grind up the mixture until getting a paste and set it aside

Almond and mandarin sponge cake

  • 292 g pasteurized egg whites
  • 162 g sucrose
  • 71 g almond powder
  • 71 g chopped almonds
  • 65 g weak flour
  • 65 g pasteurized egg whites
  • 32 g 35% cream
  • 143 g icing sugar
  • 195 g mandarin compote

Whip the first egg whites at medium speed and the sucrose
Meanwhile, prepare a marzipan with the chopped almonds, almond flour, the second set of egg whites, icing sugar and the mandarin compote
Pour some of it into the marzipan and prepare a sourdough
Mix with the rest of the meringue
Roll out into a 1 cm sided frame
Bake: 175ºC / 12 minutes / open air intake / medium ventilation

Coated almonds

  • 80 g chopped almonds
  • 120 g sucrose
  • 50 g mineral water

Mix the water with the sucrose in a pot and cook at 116ºC
Add all the chopped almonds off the stove while mixing
Once the sucrose has crystalized, spread over a silpat and set aside to cool

Almond crisp

  • 50 g almond paste
  • 110 g Coated almonds
  • 15 g anhydrous butter
  • 65 g Opal

Melt the Opal chocolate and the anhydrous butter
Add the coated almonds and the almond paste

Jade couverture and tonka whipped cream

  • 255 g milk
  • 255 g 35% cream
  • 21 g glucose syrup DE 44
  • 6.3 g gelatin leaves
  • 236 g Jade
  • 1 g grated Tonka

Boil the cream and the glucose and add the grated tonka
Infuse for a few minutes and strain
Melt the couverture
Once the cream reaches 40ºC, add the gelatin leaves previously hydrated and emulsify with the couverture
Add the cold milk and let it chill in the fridge for about 12 hours
Once the temperature reaches about 6ºC whip with a blender

Mandarin gel

  • 520 g mandarin juice
  • 45 g yuzu juice
  • 30 g sucrose
  • 7.8 g gelatin leaves

Hydrate the gelatin leaves in cold water
Heat up the yuzu juice until it reaches 40ºC and dissolve the glucose and the gelatin leaves in it
Pour the mandarin juice over the mixture and cool down until it reaches 30ºC

Almond paste

  • 400 g Raw whole almonds
  • 400 g mineral water

Mix the almonds with the water and hydrate for 24 hours
Crush in the cutter until it forms a homogeneous mixture

Almond and orange blossom mousse

  • 350 g almond paste
  • 12 g gelatin leaves
  • 52 g raw almond paste
  • 500 g semi-whipped cream 45%
  • 60 g orange blossom extract
  • 130 g trimoline

Heat up the almond paste, the orange blossom water and the trimoline until it reaches 40ºC
Dissolve in the mixture the gelatin leaves previously hydrated
Make a sourdough with the semi-whipped cream and then add the rest of the mixture

Tokelat 41,4% couverture glazing

  • 500 g mineral water
  • 400 g sucrose
  • 600 g glucose syrup DE 44
  • 400 g condensed milk
  • 43 g gelatin
  • 500 g Tokelat
  • 5 g brown food coloring
  • 1 g White fat soluble colouring
  • 1 g Black fat soluble colouring

Heat up the water until it reaches 40ºC and add the sucrose and glucose until it boils
Add the previously hydrated gelatin and mix
Pour the couverture over the mixture and the condensed milk and emulsify
Use at about 35-40ºC


Place the sponge cake previously cut out in the inner mould
Spread 30gr of the crisp over the sponge cake surface
With a num.8 tip and a piping bag, form dots of whipped cream, distribute them over the crisp surface and freeze
Spread 105gr of mandarin gelatin at 30ºC filling the holes we left with the whipped cream and freeze
Take 190gr of almond mousse and place on the inside
Freeze, glaze and decorate