20 years of training and inspiration


In 1995 we opened the doors of the first professional specialist pastry making and chocolate school in Spain. Under the name of Aula Chocovic, we ran our first specialised courses in working professionally with chocolate.

Currently, our network of Ambassadors and leading professionals from the sector teach on courses at the Chocolate Academy™ Training Centre, where they share their extensive knowledge on working with Chocovic products and answer questions posed by artisans.

Nowadays, the Chocolate Academy™ training center, successor of Aula Chocovic, offers a unique venue equipped with state of the art technology, where top professionals offer theoretical and practical training in chocolate craftsmanship: techniques, recipes, latest trends, etc.

Privileged training for all kinds of professionals.

Under the guiding hand of recently appointed director Josep María Ribé Ramos, the Chocolate Academy has celebrated its 20th birthday and is embarking on a new era after 18 years with acclaimed chocolatier Ramon Morató at the helm of the institution.

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