courses running in January-February at the Chocolate Academy™ Barcelona


The first term of 2016 has started at the Chocolate Academy™ Barcelona under the new leadership of Josep Maria Ribé: “We want our courses to continue to set an example in the training sector and become a great training experience for our customers, especially for their friendly, easy-going atmosphere and the accurate and up-to-date information they provide.”

That's why at Chocovic we offer three options for pastry making, confectionery and dessert courses taught by Raúl Bernal, Carles Mampel and Rafa Delgado.

“Easter Figures” by Raúl Bernal

8 and 9 February

Raúl Bernal opens the Chocovic course calendar on 8 and 9 February. Over two days he'll be teaching the “Easter Figures” course, in which he'll be making a range of chocolate figures using a modern approach while remaining loyal to the traditional concept of Easter. How do you develop a figure starting with an idea, a drawing or a specific commission? 

The course covers the various techniques involved in working with the most artistic side of chocolate: moulding, assembly, templates, polishing, painting, etc., skills that can be used to make a range of commercial Easter figures and easily applied in your business. All the figures are based on eggs and spheres. More information and how to register.

“Savoury Pastries” by Carles Mampel

23, 24 and 25 February

“Savoury Pastries” is a three-day practical course taking a look at the A to Z of savoury pastry making through a wide variety of creations. The course is led by Carles Mampel, one of the best all-round professionals in Spain, who also heads Bubó confectioners and is a member of the Relais Desserts association. The programme includes making savoury pastries, savoury tarts, canapés, savoury cakes, croquiche, sandwiches, snacks, terrine, etc. More information and how to register.

“Restaurant Desserts” by Rafa Delgado

14, 15 and 16 March

Rafa Delgado, Chocovic Ambassador and executive pastry chef at Grupo Nandu Jubany, will be leading “Restaurant Desserts”, a course aimed at professionals keen to broaden or improve their restaurant desserts repertoire. What is the philosophy behind creating a dessert? How do you combine flavours and textures? Over three days, the course will involve step by step instructions on how to make a wide range of top-notch desserts for serving in gourmet restaurants, concentrating on the various techniques and flavour combinations plus original and entertaining ways of presenting them. More information and how to register.

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