Chocovic Courses 2nd semester 2017 at the Chocolate Academy Barcelona


We start the last semester of 2017 with a full range of courses at the Chocolate Academy™ Barcelona. Along the month of november, from Chocovic we propose 4 courses based on pastry, the chocolate and the new Christmas season.

Enric Monzonis, Raúl Bernal and Sergi Vela will teach us how to prepare new pieces for our business, they will help us to enhance our own style at work and they will reveal us all secrets about the chocolate world.

“Turrones”, by Enric Monzonis 
November 13th and 14th

We start the Christmas season with the special course of Turrones given by Enric Monzonis, our new Technical advisor. This intermediate level course is thought for all those interested in a deeper professional knowledge of the world of this popular Christmas dessert.

During two days, Enric Monzonis will show us how to elaborate a full range of turrones, from the most traditional preparations to the last trends on the market.

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“Christmas figures”, by Raúl Bernal November 15th and 16th

Raúl Bernal comes back to the Chocolate AcademyTM Barcelona as new Chocovic’s Ambassador. The chef will offer during two days his popular course of Christmas figures, a great opportunity for those professionals who want to enlarge their range of products and learn how to prepare these amazing preparations.

During the course, we will learn different chocolate techniques, focused on the artistics: moulding, assembly, patterns, polish and egg and spheres painting. Raúl Bernal will show that chocolate figures are not only for the Easter period.

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“Initiation to Chocolate”, by Enric Monzonis, November 22nd, 23rd and 24th

The course of Initiation to chocolate is addressed to those professionals or amateurs that would like to step into the world of chocolate and get to know the indispensable techniques of this product.

Along the 3 days, Enric Monzonís will do a journey through the history of cocoa, its origin and its applications. On the practical side, we will prepare tarts, pralinés, desserts, shakes, figures and all kind of chocolate decorations.

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“Cakes”, by Sergi Vela. November 27th and 28th

Sergi Vela, Chocovic’s ambassador, gives this interesting course focused on cakes, sponge cakes and travel cakes. During 2 days, we will learn how to enhance our style and to prepare different pieces that will help to enlarge our current business offer.

In this intermediate level course, Sergi Vela addresses to all professionals that need to step deeper into the pastry world and he will allow us to get closer to his personal profesional philosophy.

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