new Bean to Bar course


Chocovic presents Bean to Bar, a new course taught by Jaume Soldevila on June 12th and 13th, at the Chocolate Academy™ Barcelona. Our Technical Director will guide our attendees through all the stages of chocolate making, from selecting the beans to the resulting chocolate bar.

In this course we’ll take a further approach on the technical aspects of chocolate, particularly focusing on the characteristics of the different types of cocoa used by Chocovic. We’ll learn how to make our own chocolate, to select the perfect beans depending on their scent and flavour and to use the equipment necessary to produce it.

artisan production of chocolate

Especially directed to artisan chocolatiers, Chocovic’s new Bean to Bar course aims to teach us how to work with the best raw material.
We’ll obtain the knowledge necessary about the origins of chocolate, the harvesting process, the selection of beans, the roasting, the refinement, the conching and the making of the bar.

We encourage you to attend to this interesting course taught by Jaume Soldevila, a true expert of cocoa with more than 30 years managing Chocovic’s I+D department.