The Origen Único range turns 20


20 years ago, Chocovic were pioneers and took steps to deepen their knowledge of cocoa by linking it back to its origins. In this way, the single-variety Origen Único range was created. The goal was to add value to the work done at the source plantations and to the cocoa farmers. A huge task involving picking, fermentation at various levels…

The Orígen Único range embodies the personality or organoleptic profile of each area or point of origin in chocolate, with our artisans transforming the cocoa into chocolate inspired by three varieties of cocoa: Criollo, Forastero and Trinitario. At Chocovic, we select the best cocoa beans to prepare our Origin range. Care and dedication throughout the process are the key to creating high-quality, nuanced chocolate.

Ocumare: Criollo, sourced from Venezuela (with dry wood notes)
Guaranda: Forastero, sourced from Ecuador (notes of spices and pepper)
Sambirano: Trinitario, sourced from Madagascar (wood, spices)