Enric Monzonis

At Chocovic, talent has a name

Our technical advisor, Enric Monzonis, is a young professional with a long track record in the world of pastry making and sound knowledge of the secrets of chocolate. At the age of 16 he began his hospitality industry training at the CETT without neglecting another of his great passions, rugby. He soon embarked on his career with a placement at Manairó in Barcelona, a Michelin starred restaurant.

After a few years of marketing training he returned to his professional career with stints at Escuela Hoffmann, Yann Duytsche, La Pastisseria de Josep Maria Rodriguez and Abac, which holds two Michelin stars. In 2014 he joined the team at Tickets restaurant as Head Pastry Chef and he is currently working with Chocovic as technical advisor and teacher at the Chocolate Academy BarcelonaTM.