chocopedia (1): Sachertorte, the Most Famous Chocolate Cake In the World


Do you know the story behind great pastry classics such as the Sacher cake, the Tarte Tatin or the Paris-Brest? Do you know how chocolate is made "bean to bar"? Or when and how the Easter Eggs tradition began?

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Sacher, an aristocratic cake

The Sachertorte is probably the most well known chocolate cake around the world. The original recipe is based on chocolate sponge cake, apricot jam and, then, re-covered with a layer of dark chocolate. Indeed, it is an excellent dessert for chocolate lovers.

Its origin dates back to 1832, when a young Austrian apprentice pastry chef named Franz Sacher, was faced with the arduous task of preparing a cake for a group of aristocratic friends of the Prince of Austria. He was only 16...

The young Sacher presented the "Sachertorte" that delighted all the guests. It was a real success. Years later, as an experienced pastry chef, Franz Sacher founded the Sacher Hotel in Vienna, where you can still go to enjoy the original recipe.