Chocovic Advent Calendar: 24 days of inspiration


The countdown to Christmas has begun. Very soon, the storefront windows of bakeries will be filled with nougat, panettone, trunks, roscones, and other Christmas cakes. We enter the "sweetest" season of the year for pastry chefs from around the world. A time when production and sales are doubled and where pastry chefs can show their most personal creations.

To make the wait shorter, and to inspire our customers and followers, this year Chocovic has created an original Advent Calendar on Instagram that, following the function of a traditional Christmas calendar, hides 24 traditionally Christmas sweets made by our ambassadors.

Every day, from the 1st to the 24th of December, we will discover a new nougat, sweet, or cake created by Enric Monzonis, Raúl Bernal, Sergi Vela, or Rafa Delgado, accompanied by the original step by step recipe. If you are looking for inspiration to surprise your clients with the latest trends, you will not want to miss it.

Follow the @chocovic.official account and get ready to fill up with ideas from our Advent Calendar.