Enric Mozonis, the New Member of the 21 Brix Collective


Our technical advisor, Enric Monzonis, has recently been named new member of the Colectivo 21 brix, which is a prestigious group of creative, talented and young professionals who are joined together due to their passion for patisserie.

Established in 2013, the Colectivo 21 brix usually meets in order to share ideas, experiences and learning. Its goal is to teach and learn from one another by creating a virtuous circle where creativity, knowledge and synergies flow.

The collective is constituted by renowned pastry chefs, such as the Chocovic ambassadors Raúl Bernal, Sergi Vela, Luís Costa and Rafa Delgado and other members of the Barry Callebaut Group, such as Miquel Guarro and Josep Mª Ribé among others.

Enric Monzonis participated as a guest in the last meeting of the Colectivo 21 brix –which was previous to his designation–. The meeting took place the last 6 th of October in the new Culinary Institute of Barcelona with the leitmotiv “El Rojo es el camino” (The Red is the path in English). In front of the stares of his nowadays- new workmates, Monzonis presented the work called “Cor” (Heart in English), which was an elegant heart made of overlapped layers of 70% Maragda dark chocolate. Such work reflects his passion for chocolate and patisserie.

Congratulations Enric!