Sergi Vela presents a Christmas kit for reinventing turrón


Christmas is made up of the customs that give meaning to the festive season and everything, from the decorations to the menu on the 25th is marked by what tradition dictates. Knowing that part of the magic of Christmas lies in the customs that make it special, Sergi Vela presents an exclusive kit for reinventing the quintessential Christmas seasonal sweet treat, turrón.

Preserving the tradition of turrón and using the classics as reference, Sergi Vela offers a new recipe with a more minimalist image and futuristic touches. The Chocovic ambassador provides our customers with all they need to recreate this new version of traditional jijona, alicante and chocolate turrón.

The 2016 kit contains all you need to make this signature recipe

In the Christmas kit you'll find 12 ready to use moulds designed by Sergi Vela, 3 special turrón recipes with step by step instructions and 3 items for personalising your creations and giving them your very own unique touch. With this Christmas kit, the pastry chef makes it easy for you to surprise customers, friends and family with a brand new version of the classic turrón.

To make Sergi Vela's recipes you'll need a key ingredient: Chocovic chocolate from the Selváticas range, which, together with the Origen Único range will be celebrating its 20th anniversary in 2017. This distinctive chocolate comes in a variety of exotic flavours that transport you to tropical rainforests, with citrus fruits like yuzu, lemon and lime; a refreshing combination making the best chocolate to provide that all-important Christmas cheer.

Here at Here at Chocovic we don't forget the artisan part of the pastry making world. The packaging used to present this special kit is a clear reference to the “from artisan to artisan" campaign, a collection of videos and interviews revealing the most personal side of the work done by our ambassadors.