Jaume Soldevila describes the Origen Único and Selváticas ranges


Jaume Soldevila is R&D Director at Chocovic, a professional with more tan thirty years of experience and extensive knowledge of the world of cocoa. Over the years, he has been one of the people behind the drive to modernise the sector and responsible for implementing the best techniques and quality controls needed to make and sell top quality chocolate. To mark the 20th anniversary of the Origen Único range, Soldevila makes a journey into history to recover the essence of these Chocovic premium ranges, highlighting the work involved at every stage, from harvesting the beans through to its final application, preserving the personality of the cocoa intact and expressing it in the chocolate.

Reflecting the origins of cocoa, there were once three traditional cocoa varieties, Criollo, Forastero and Trinitario. However, Soldevila says that nowadays this differentiation doesn't go nearly far enough. With everything we've learned about the world of cocoa over the years, here at Chocovic we've broadened these traditional ranges and turned them into today's Selección, Origen Único and our latest, Selváticas.

“the purpose of the Origen Único and Selváticas ranges is to convey to our customers the essence of the different types of cocoa, keeping their characteristics pure and highlighting the work done on the plantation”.

In the Origen Único varieties we select the beans that best reflect the personality of the área where the cocoa bean grows, respecting the local organoleptic profile. As Jaume Soldevila explains, the production process enables professionals to have a quality product to mould and make their creations with, a raw material that hasn't lost an iota of that same essence embodied in the original cocoa bean. On this journey to the heart of chocolate we find the flavour of Ecuador in the Guaranda variety, the intensity of Venezuela in Ocumare and the most exotic part of Madagascar in Sambirano cocoa.

But in the Selváticas range we want to take things even further. Whereas in Origen Único we select the beans extremely carefully to ensure they retain the traditional flavour of the variety, in Selváticas we look for that extra special hint of cocoa. We concentrate on some of the peculiarities and even imperfections produced during the fermentation process, during handling at the plant and of the variety itself, imperfections that would not be aceptable for making conventional chocolate but that are actually the distinctive features of the cocoa we find in this range. In Soldevila's words, “they're like imperfections in people, if they're little things they end up being part of your character. The little imperfections that we all have shape our personality and even make us more lovable”. So, in the Selváticas range we can taste the acid notes in the Jaine variety, the fruity notes of Kendarit and the powerful acidic fruits in Takaran.

With the Origen Único and Selváticas ranges, here at Chocovic we have been supplying cocoa direct to our customers for more than 20 years, valuing and highlighting some of the great work being done by cocoa producers on the plantations. Thanks to the hard work and careful approach on the ground, nowadays we've been able to achieve the excellent quality of the Premium ranges made by our brand.

“chocolate requires people all over the world to work together, from the farmers growing the beans through to all the people who make the machinery, the people who transport it... and us, who make it.”