New Coconat range, without palm oil or hydrogenated fats


Attentive as always to the needs of the market, in Chocovic we have created a new range of products for baking, injecting and coating free of palm oil and without hydrogenated fats. Three applications specially designed for bakery and pastry.

One product for each application:

Coconat Oven Cream

It is a cooking-resistant cream made with the highest quality ingredients including cocoa paste. It is ideal for pastries for its creaminess and texture in both closed and open applications.

Coconat Injection Cream:

A delicious cream made with cocoa paste and other ingredients of the highest quality, which stands out for its intense hazelnut flavor. Thanks to its creaminess it is ideal for pastries after cooking. In addition, its texture makes it perfect for application with pastry bag or injection machine.

Moka Coconat Couverture:

A new special couverture with Moka tonality special for pastry coating. Like all products in the Coconat range, it is made with the highest quality ingredients and includes cocoa paste. It is ideal for coating or covering pastries for its easy application and bright finishing.