pairings: raúl bernal & vicente garcía plana

When two talents come together, they do not add up, they multiply. The idea of "Pairings" was born under this premise; a meeting between chefs and artists from different disciplines with the aim of inspiring creativity. An invitation to share, engage in dialogue, to explore new point of views and work processes.

For our first pairing, we brought together the pastry chef Raúl Bernal, Chocovic ambassador, and the artist Vicente García Plana. In addition to artistic instinct, both are joined by the love for their hometown, Huesca, which serves simultaneously as home and source of inspiration. They both accepted the challenge of combining their talent to create a unique and exclusive piece of chocolate.

Coinciding with the set up of the exhibition "The object of memory", presented at the IAACC Pablo Serrano de Zaragoza, Vicente García Plana proposed Raúl Bernal to get inspired by one of the more than 30,000 objects that make up the artistic body of the exhibition: an industrial piece of iron to which Vicente had given a second life, by turning it into the face of a clown.

Our ambassador accepted the challenge and transformed that smiling metal face into an exquisite Turrón with an intense flavor and fruity touches. Achieving a flavor that reflects the soul of the piece was his biggest obsession during the entire work process.

With that objective in mind, Raúl chose the Kendarit 60% black chocolate as the main ingredient due to its intense flavor and because it pairs perfectly with the cherry. Since there is no clown without his red nose, he added gummies made of cherry syrup to give it a fresh and fun touch.

In the house/workshop of Vicente, surrounded by thousands of objects waiting to become works of art, we talk with them about their trajectories, inspiration, creative processes ... and finally, we discovered "Charlie Rivel", the Turrón with a clown's smile born of pairing the talent of Raúl Bernal and Vicente García Plana.