Serve Cold: 6 Refreshing Recipes for this Summer


With the start of summer and hot weather, our bodies crave lighter and refreshing options: desserts, smoothies, mousses, cakes, etc. Don’t miss our selection of recipes to serve and enjoy cold.

Cherry and mascarpone in a glass

Enric Monzonis created this original “dessert in a glass” inspired by the traditional tiramisu, with the delicious fruity touch of cherries. View the recipe.


Don’t miss out on these shakes, the kings of summer. Discover three refreshing and original recipes made with different Chocovic couverture chocolate varieties.

Opal 30.3% couverture chocolate shake with toasted chai masala. View the recipe.
Ocumare 71% couverture dark chocolate shake. View the recipe.
Jade 37.9% couverture milk chocolate shake with Earl Grey tea. View the recipe.

Dessert with tangerine, yogurt and basil

This creamy and refreshing dessert, created by the Torres brothers, plays with flavors from different parts of the Mediterranean: tangerines from Valencia, basil from Italy, and a touch of Greek yogurt. View the recipe.

Frozen cloud

Our dessert expert Rafa Delgado developed this almond-topped frozen dessert that will delight chocolate lovers. The creaminess of ice cream, the texture of crunchy almonds, the spark of palo cortado, and the sweet fresh flavor of cherries make this an ideal dessert for summer days. View the recipe.