Try four recipes made with 33.3% Jaine white chocolate couverture



Would you like to give a touch of intense and exotic flavour to your cakes and desserts? Today we show you four recipes made with 33.3% Jaine, our white chocolate couverture from Selváticas line, a collection of premium chocolates with exotic, almost enigmatic, flavours which will transport you to the cocoa native tropical forests.

Sweet and tangy flavour, with a very special touch of yoghurt

The 33.3% Jaine couverture will surprise you with its sweet taste with tangy notes that reminds you of yogurt. This fresh and acid touch compared to other white couvertures makes it less sweet on the palate.

Ideal for pairing with fruits

For all these reasons, 33.3% Jaine is ideal for combining with red fruits, citrus fruits and fruit in general, as it retains its freshness without masking the flavour.

Dare to try it with one of the following recipes.

rose cologne bar (roses)

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muesli-rice and raspberry rock

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yogurt nacar and raspberry

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tarta cotillon

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